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The Youth Press Agency is an initiative of youth participation through the creative use of new and traditional tools of communication and information. 
Promoted by: Viração Educomunicação (Brazil), Viração&Jangada (Italy), Fundación TierraVida (Argentina) and ClimaLab (Colombia). 
The Youth Press Agency is an initiative of youth partecipation through the creative use of new and traditional tools of communication and information promoted by the association Viração&Jangada in collaboration with the association In Medias Res, associations of youth and schools.
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14/11/2016, 15:33


 "Manifesting and raising your voice for the sake of humanity is a must.

Manifesting and raising your voice for the sake of humanity is a must. And what a better way to do it than a march where where you come from doesn’t matter. In the COP22, We were all united to save mother earth. Caring for the earth is a value we all shared in the COP22, we felt the danger, saw the danger, and fought to get rid of that danger. We do not except this kind of futur, an error only becomes a mistake if you refuse to correct it. So let’s correct it.

"I think we are all here to show that people are more than ready to keep rimping up the ambition for our climate action. We don’t have any time to waste. We are gonna keep staying on the streets and we are gonna make sure that we are never on the purge of the image."

Pedro Telles, Brazil - Greenpeace.

"We are dressing the issue of climate change. Trying to raise our voice in the climate talks. We want the industry to interfere in the climate talks. We want justice."

Tsunji Boily, South África - Copa Catability Internationnal.

"I came to Marrakesh to participate in the COP22, this is my second COP, last year I participated in Paris, and I Have seen many poor people who are suffering from this climate change And the injust structure of the society while working as animater in JPIC(justice p). The structure of our Society and our Economy , our Politics also is really injust and not in favor of the poor. I learned in my climate journey that all religions should work for this cause: Climate injustice. Working for the poor and along with them . Whatever we do, What kind of assainement we are doing we are doin, all of us should come out of our safety zone to this new era. The Holy place doesn’t only exist in the church or the mosque . The Holy place is where people are shouting for what they believe in. Shouting against this climate injustice."

Hanwwok Lin, South Korea - Fransiscan Brothers

"We are in Marrakesh to make this world a better place. And tell people that they can do it, simply by making their own life better. Smile, Change, Unplug."

Santa, Canadian living in China - World Sustainibility

"We can say that this march is really important for the employee and workers cause they have to show that we wanna take part in the decisions to be made, we should be there for our friends of the civil association."

Therry Dodieu, France - CFDT

"We are here to fight for climate justice."

Simona Fobiane, Italy - CGIT

"I’m here to bring the voice of the african communities that was swept away by this climate injustice. To demand more action.And now, it’s time for action."

Aissatou Diodif, Senegal

"I’m here for climate and social justice and the multiple things we’re unhappy about in this world.I’s time to change to the best."

Mohammed Taha Boulfir, Maroc - FDT

Hiba Moustahfid and Hafsa Kacemy

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