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The Youth Press Agency is an initiative of youth participation through the creative use of new and traditional tools of communication and information. 
Promoted by: Viração Educomunicação (Brazil), Viração&Jangada (Italy), Fundación TierraVida (Argentina) and ClimaLab (Colombia). 
The Youth Press Agency is an initiative of youth partecipation through the creative use of new and traditional tools of communication and information promoted by the association Viração&Jangada in collaboration with the association In Medias Res, associations of youth and schools.
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18/06/2018, 17:57

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 Madame Sylvie Bukhari-de Pontual is the first woman president of CCFD-Terre Solidaire, a French organization with a network of 15,000 volunteers that raises public awareness on international solidarity and works to build a more just world.

Madame Sylvie Bukhari-de Pontual is thefirst woman president of CCFD-Terre Solidaire, a French organization with a network of 15,000 volunteers that raises publicawareness on international solidarity and, through advocacy, works withdecision makers to build a more just world. Together with Grenoble AlpesMetropole and other associations including the Youth Press Agency, CCFD-TerreSolidaire co-organized the International Forum for Well-being that was held inJune 2018 in Grenoble, France.  

YPA: What does "well-being" mean to you, personally?  

SBP: To me, well-being is happiness, which means the type of strength that wemake collectively as a group. I believe that we are better with our peers thanbeing alone.  

YPA:What are your thoughts about this first-time-everevent in Grenoble?  

SDP: I think it is extraordinary. First of all, this is a long term project.We, the organizers, know the importance of transforming the world. We alsounderstand that we can only transform it if we live and work together. Thanksto the support of different associations we were able to share our views, our real life experiences and to organizea forum to bring them out to society. By seeing the forum from the very startuntil today, I notice that all of the co-organizers have their own strengthsand weaknesses. When we work together, we fulfill each other’s lack of strengthto create a strong assembled group. We also all work with happiness, we arehappy and we would love to make everybody around us happy. For me, that isexactly the way to transform the world. If you are happy with others, you canmake everybody happy, this changes the world. It is very important to spreadthe spirit.  

YPA:How do you see CCFD and the concept of well-being inthe next 5 years?  

SDP: I firmly think that it will go far. When we look back to years ago, theproject began from one person, a partner of CCFD. When she first came here, sheasked us, as a part of the big CCFD group: "Why don’t you work on all fields ofeconomic indicators?" We thought that this idea is strongly connected to socialdevelopment and the fight against hunger, which is exactly what we are workingat, so we agreed to work on this. There were just a few people. Then, we werelooking around to see if there was anybody who would also be interested in thissubject. And yes, we are people who are interested. We came to the city mayor,to the metropole and to the university to explain the project and ask forcooperation. Step by step, the project started. And today, here we are, in aninternational forum with one thousand people. I think, and I know that fortomorrow, there will be two, three, four thousand people and so on. Ifeverybody does the same thing everywhere, I can say that there will be a newworld in 50 or 60 years. We can all believe so.  

YPA:What is your vision to help people understand themeaning of well-being in the future?  

SDP: Nowadays, with all of the new technologies and mass media, they spreadthe word very quick so it could happen, even sooner than we think. But insteadof taking advantage of the social media which multiplies things really fast,I’m still convinced that we need time to really transform the world from the"ground", according to the way that the world functions. Things around theworld are not changing fast. When you look at nature, you see the grass. Thegrass is growing day by day, not so quickly, and we are like the grass. As anelement of nature, we need time to be transformed.  

YPA:Do you have plans or are you working with somebodyelse to make this concept popular in France?  

SDP:One of CCFD’s specialty is to connect people. Welook forward to making people be together, live together, do together, worktogether. Here, in France, locally and nationally, we’ve seen the works of CCFDfor around 60 years now. We have created this type of connections between ourpartners in many countries and within our group in France. We think that themost important thing is to create links and connections not among people thatare in the same situation that we are, but among people that we are far from,that are in different circumstances. 

By Kim Cuong Pham

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