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The Youth Press Agency is an initiative of youth participation through the creative use of new and traditional tools of communication and information. 
Promoted by: Viração Educomunicação (Brazil), Viração&Jangada (Italy), Fundación TierraVida (Argentina) and ClimaLab (Colombia). 
The Youth Press Agency is an initiative of youth partecipation through the creative use of new and traditional tools of communication and information promoted by the association Viração&Jangada in collaboration with the association In Medias Res, associations of youth and schools.
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08/04/2015, 19:01


 ¡Join the Celebration of Earth Day!

As every year, we began the preparation for the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP) with a Global Campaign of Celebrations that bands together all of us interested in taking care of our planet. To this end, the Red+Vos organizes once again the Celebrations of Earth Day Campaign (APR-22nd) in order to mobilize all of Latin America and the World towards the next Conference of the Parties on Climate Change to be held in Paris this year, while raising awareness about how each citizen can reduce the impact of global warming locally. Join  this global and simultaneous celebration, open to the participation of every person and organization wishing to raise awareness about the problem of Climate Change and propose actions to help diminish our impact on the planet.



Why is COP21 important?2015 is a decisive year that will define the future of Climate Change, it may give a positive result such as a binding treaty that commits member states of the UN to fight with concrete measures against Climate Change. While decisions in these negotiations are up to the States, like any great change, requires teamwork. The good news is that YOU and all young people and citizens of Latin America and the World, are part of this team! There are already lots of people working, this is already happening! And this is the opportunity to show all the work and actions in each of our cities.



What’s the proposal?We propose organizing events (whatever their size) to disclose various local actions and proposals related to reducing the Climate Change. The idea is that participants learn how and what they can do to reduce Climate Change and protect the planet as well as get in touch with those who are already working on this. No matter the size of the event or the city, the important thing is to raise awareness and spread the word that it is important that not only the States generate actions to reduce the effects of Climate Change, but also citizens! This is why we invite you to organize an event or bring one you’re already organizing to the Global Map of Celebrations of Earth Day.



We propose as a simultaneous celebration day April 26. However, all the celebrations made between April 20th and 26th will be invited to join!



Where?All over Latin America and the world!


Look at the Global Map of Celebrations if there is already an event organized in your city join to it as a participant, or better yet reach the organizers  to join strengths and create a much more powerful event.


If there is none in your town, we encourage you to organize one yourself!


How do I add my event?If you want to organize your event in your city/workplace/country/school or if you want to add an event that you are organizing or had already organized to celebrate Earth Day, go to the Global Map of Celebrations. Here we share all the necessary information for you to do it:Download the instructions of how to join. Click hereFill the application form to add your event to the campaign Click hereGraphic Pack: Download the image of the campaign to make all the graphic material you want (t-shirts, flyers, posters, etc.) Click hereHow do I spread the word of this campaing? How do I let my event be known? Download the manual for social network. Click here



Click here to see the recap of the 2014 Edition of this campaign, so you have an idea of what is to come. Here you will also see the events of 2014 Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us through:


We are trully looking forward for you to join this great celebration!

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