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The Youth Press Agency is an initiative of youth participation through the creative use of new and traditional tools of communication and information. 
Promoted by: Viração Educomunicação (Brazil), Viração&Jangada (Italy), Fundación TierraVida (Argentina) and ClimaLab (Colombia). 
The Youth Press Agency is an initiative of youth partecipation through the creative use of new and traditional tools of communication and information promoted by the association Viração&Jangada in collaboration with the association In Medias Res, associations of youth and schools.
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02/12/2014, 19:31


 The captain planet

Gaia, "The spirit of the Earth" can no longer bear the terrible destruction that is  plaguing the planet, which is why she delivered five magic rings to special youth. 

 The powers of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart, when combined, would create Captain Planet , whom we will have the honor to meet here in Lima.   Captain Planet. It is a pleasure to Interview you.

 Tell us, why are you here in Lima?

 Well, as the entire world knows, or should know, in a few days COP20 will start and  this is one of the most important events to hold discussions on important issues such as climate change, mitigation and adaptation. I am here because it is a pivotal moment where the world has the ability to change their way of being and their way  of seeing things - to stop for a second and deeply reflect on the struggle of improving  our planet and make an ambitious decision.  Here in Lima, we are at a crucial point: we will only be prepared for COP21 in Paris if there is good dialogue and active participation here.   And what are you doing here at COY10? My presence at COY is very important because it is here that youth from all over the  world come together. They are able to create strong ideas and in order to find a way  to change the world. It is here that they can speak clearly, you can share purposeful experiences and can build a strong network to fight together against climate change.   

What are you expectations for the future, Captain Planet? 

Well, the young have the intelligence that generates theirs power: the power of dialogue, listening, lobbying, creation, ideas and solutions that together will improve  the state of our planet and the entire world. 

 And what is your goal? 

Many times young people have different agendas with a message to give to  governments and many times they do not achieve their goal of improving the planet because they act alone. Now it’s time for all the youth to unite and combine their powers.

 I, Captain Planet, am the symbol of that union.  You talk a lot about young people whom you blindly trust?  Is that true?

Without the youth there is no Captain Planet.  Captain Planet is not a being from  another planet or a human being with superpowers: the symbol is through the "combined powers" and Captain Planet only exists when the powers of all the yout comes together, I mean all the ideas and solutions that have been intelligently  planned. If the powers are divided and the youth struggle alone without sharing and  adding their thoughts and each of their objectives, Captain Planet cannot exist. So it  is only thanks to them that Captain Planet exists. 

 The message you always leave everyone with is that we have the power.  What does that mean?

 I, Captain Planet, have no intention of replace the youth or the government, no! I’m not here to change the world with my green hair, no! Nor do I have superpowers to  win climate change on my own! The power that I have is yours.  I always remember this because I do not want to cause confusion or that the people can get by without doing anything because Captain Planet does everything.  Therefore, the power is yours!

Por: Agência Jovem de Noticias 

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